Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Any-Day" plans go like this:
Get to the gym, get to the grocery, the bank, the post office, the sewing store, the gymnastics, the storytime, the playdate, etc.

Why it goes awry:
Miss Crabby Monkey graces the house with her terrible attitude, extra whiny, extra bad attitude she spends the morning in her room.
Someone else is crying and fussing needs to be nursed and paid attention to.  The bills need to be paid online and then of course I check my email and get on BT a little bit, and by the time all this has happened the window of opportunity for the gym has closed until post-nap for Baby gym later.  But she'll nap while I wear her in the grocery store, right?  RIGHT?
Post nap there needs to be food for both of them before we head out, and there are lunches to be packed if we won't be back in time.  Some days it takes a full hour to ensure enough food, extra clothing, diapers, coloring, dolly, and the kitchen sink are all packed in in order to launch.
I have in the past week been a stickler for the earlier bedtime for both the girls and it seems to have alleviated some of the tantrum prone parts of the day.  Now, to weed out the whine-testing Miss Monkey has of late been attempting to engage us with.  
So it goes.

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