Thursday, June 11, 2009

one of my days this week

house cleaning/organizing first thing this morning
to tiny person gymnastics & short run
to home for food, refreshment, carseat transfer to Truck
to Miss M's for The Blankie's Ribbon repair
to far away recycling place for leaves that The Man never took back in November
to home to pick up branches galore from landlord "gardening" extravaganza this past weekend
to B-field branch recycling
to home to reload truck with branches that had been sitting in yard since before we moved in (must trip back to branch recycle later I guess)
then re-claiming cars, clean out plus-numerous wrappers, cig-boxes, energy drink bottles from The Man's truck---'cause that's love ;)
INto house to assess what work remains
after brief explosion at Little Girl for not moving fast enough getting plethora of toys back to her room---realize I'm hungry, I should eat very soon, otherwise there'll be a melt down
to computer to lament that I haven't trained much this week 'cause of all personal agenda, remind myself that this is a hobby and it's okay
on phone to arrange Little Girl care early tomorrow morning for my looong ride & brick


next up, dinner, the real house clean, prep for tomorrow hopefully including a bike chain cleaning....
that's been the day

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Trishie said...

you need a NAP !!