Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fairy Dust

This morning, on the deck, with the bag of potting soil...
A big creative mess! Little Girl apparently enjoys tossing dirt in the air, so as to ensure total coverage. When she decided to come inside, I had to funnel her straight to the bathroom for an early shower (unhappy) to get the finer dust from her scalp & hair. She had dirt down her back as if she'd suddenly grown a strip of dark downy fur.
Preschooler's fairy dust.

Couple of evenings ago, on the guest room/office futon, it was extraordinarily important that she put me to bed. Fiona did it thoroughly, complete with kisses on the forehead, the tucking in, removal of the hairpin, and a lengthy fairy tale story resplendent with a prince, Peter Pan, the Princess, the little Mermaid, the king, and "somesing happens...but then somesing didn't happen"....and a dragon.

I complete my first race of the season this past weekend. It was harder than I figured, I messed up my hydration & fueling (water n' food) pretty bad, got some heat stress, and cried 'cause I didn't hit my goal of a sub 2-hour race. I did see improvement with my bike pacing & especially swim pacing compared to my first sprint. Race Report here. After an insanely busy couple of weeks just before the race things have calmed down somewhat this week, inasmuch as one might say my life with Little Girl is "calm" as busy as we have become somehow.

Fiona started gymnastics again, in her third week today. Was visibly trembling with excitement when I told her she was going to get to attend again, could barely contain herself. Little friend Jack is in the same class, and while he sits there with some solemnity following instructions, Fiona is off bouncing about testing the young teachers' boundaries & limits with them trying to keep her on task. I think she's just so excited it's hard for her to keep on task!

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