Thursday, January 10, 2008

When Fiona Doesn't Nap

The world is imperiled when a toddler misses a nap. "But couldn't I have just a little peril?" you might think it's exciting, living on the edge. NO, it's too dangerous, don't even think it. Even though Fiona's cute in a somnambulist way, the degree of clumsiness slowly increasing, almost undetectable to the non-parent eye. Things that are normally small potatoes suddenly become monstrously dramatic. The normal means of making peace cease to have effect, distraction is unheeded, proffered milk or snack is ignored. The only goal that seems to matter is to KEEP MOVING, even if she's going in circles doing the same action over and over. ANY, and I do mean ANY attempt to dissuade Fiona from her manic repetitions can be, um, challenging. I wager that the occasions one sees a mom carrying flailing toddler to the car, those are the missed nap days.

So we went to the Children's Museum today and it was great fun, more so because Fiona recognized the place, and was loudly excited to be there. Would that I could document every neat thing that she does, record all of it so I might share it with everyone...but that's why life is so special, all those beautiful fleeting moments!

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