Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Stuff to DO

Oh, well we've most definitely kicked off the new year. Didn't actually do much for the occasion itself, 'cause Gary was feelin' poorly. Not poorly enough to not eat cake, but poorly enough to stay home.
One of the first things we've done this year is visit the Denver Zoo, for "ZOO LIGHTS!" A holiday tradition where people bundle up kiddos, grab a flask, and head to the zoo where one must stand in line for a half hour before cruising the zoo lanes seeing animals rendered in light displays. It's a really clever means to keep zoo revenue for the winter. Fiona seemed to enjoy it, as did the group that we were with. I think she especially enjoyed seeing the elephants in the Pachyderm house, where it was oh so warm, crowded with humans, and odoriferous. I look forward to visiting the zoo when it's warm, daylight, and the actual animals are out & about.

more later...

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