Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training Pants & Wheels

We're there, really watching these little people get big.  If Toddleator E is my last baby, I'll have to sit with a mourning of sorts, for now we are content and joyful, and so very grateful.  If god-the universe sees fit to send us another blessing, we will accept with open hearts & arms.

Miss Monkey has decided that the training wheels are not going back on her bike.  From what I've seen I think she's better off just figuring out 2 wheels on her own.  I tend to get somewhat short tempered with her, I don't remember riding a bike being that difficult.  But I think I learned to ride a horse before a bike--maybe that made it easier.  I don't recall my mom running behind me on the bike, maybe someone else did?  Either way it's challenging to teach my daughter without resorting to the yelling and barking orders that I was trained with.  Jeaz, Ada, of course she's having a hard time, it's a totally new experience for her.  At the very least I've the awareness that I should step away rather than make biking a nightmare for her.  I stood back the other day, arms folded simply cheering her on and giving words of encouragement.  It's thrilling to watch her progress.  

Toddleator E had a perfect record for potty learning yesterday.  While I know there will be occasional accidents, it's been terribly easy.  A few days ago, in Target, it occurred to me to simply pick up a package of underpants for her.  She was totally enthused when trying them on later, the look on her face was a curious freedom added to a full body wiggle. After a couple of days mostly home, E has made the complete connection.  Incredibly easy, and definitely due in part to The Firstborn's support and example.

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