Friday, January 22, 2010

Maternity Maven

Shop here, shop there, shop everywhere.
Not a stitch to be found with reasonable wear.
Buy a few and wash over and over?
Risk resembling a bum run over?
This is too much! Frustrating it is!
Would that I were not hers and just his.
The cost is just silly for new duds with this belly.
Discount stores maybe nice,
just don't wash more than twice.
And why oh why does it always have to be
sandwiched between petite and Oh, Missus?
They don't respect the maternity.
Too posh, or too cheap, I can't shop in extreme
Is consignment the answer? I don't mind being green.

Quasi off-the-maternity-cuff poetry, leads me to fashion my very own maternity jean skirt.

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