Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, the Turkey was yummy. There are still leftovers in the fridge that I'm supposed to make Turkey Pockets with---'cause pot-pie pans are silly-expensive, and we're on lock down.

We actually spent Thanksgiving at a friend's house, chatting and eating all afternoon. Fiona running about making the teenagers tired. The following day, at some ree-diculous hour of the morning Gary woke me with a spray of bubbles. He was so excited to be awake, I suggested he get some black Friday experience. So, brave soul, he ventured out in the frozen dark to vie for a few gifts for Fiona and returned triumphant. (Thank-the-Goodness for forethought of a Christmas jar.) Now that I understand the reasoning, maybe I'll take advantage next year. Our turkey-day friends related how they have a plan: she meets with sisters-in-law, sisters, & friends, he makes the breakfast burritos and gets the coffee. This year, I stayed in and got the oven going with breakfast and then the turkey. Turkey for us is somewhat a compulsion, we cannot go without leftovers on the holiday weekend. The turkey was particularly potent, and every time we ate it, we passed summarily out. Kinda makes me wonder if Butterball does something to their birds.

We enjoyed our holiday repeat-meal. Fiona likes to say prayers at the table when we're all sitting there, grateful that our needs are met today. She typically thanks god for Mama & Papa, Mercy & Jack, and sometimes even dinosaur bones & The Fishes.

Hopefully this weekend we'll get a tree and pull out the decorations. Which I'm positive will only further the Fiona-fervor about Christmas. She could barely contain herself when some gifts arrived from Gramma. She insisted on calling to say, "tell her what book this is" translated, "ask what the book was." Gramma was accommodating enough to give me the title as to avoid a duplication in our in house library. Little Girl decided she wanted to shop for a new book rather than donate the duplicate to the library, and later victoriously called Gramma to report what books she got in trade for the dupe-Where the Wild Things Are. Though I'm not sure that Gramma understood all that she said---"Berenstein Bears" is a mouthful, but "Dinosaurs" is rather easy.

The gestating sibling has been along for the ride of course, and I'm feeling well. We've a sonigram scheduled in a couple of weeks, looking forward to the added security that all is well in there. I'm shocked at how commonplace all this "peeking" has become. It seems, just 20 years ago, none of the technology was in standard use, women had only instinct to go on, and may have been lucky to listen to a simple heartbeat. Incidentally, we will not find out baby's gender. I prefer the surprise, it's a carrot for successful labor. Gary and I also believe that some things in life were meant to be a surprise.

Next post, Christmas decor & cocoa. Until then keeping warm and doing the next right thing.

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