Saturday, September 5, 2009

Party Animals

Little Girl has started partying, already, with Porter. In the middle of the night when she wakes, seemingly because she has to potty, the cat hears her and bounds upstairs. I know that he bounds up the stairs because the infernal you-won't-catch-a-bird-with-this-on bell makes a racket. I swear, somehow the Cowprint Killah sneaks about on occasion with the bell silent---why he won't give us some respectful quiet at 2 am as he's one his way to rile up The Child, I don't know. *snerk*

Fiona tells the story of Porter at night, "Kitty's at my door, an' he says, 'meow let me in meow' and so I let him in...."
Okay, great, but you know, Fiona, you can say, "No, kitty, I'm sleeping." To which she smiles. that angelic-small-child-smile. The partying has got to stop though, 'cause it takes a serious toll on my sleep, not to mention the bear of a child that results when sleep is unstable.

Yesterday afternoon, one moment the clamorous noise of a normal 3 year old, then nothing. When I went to search for the source of the brazen quietude, I found my daughter passed out on the floor. Now, I'm not foolish, I don't wake a sleeping baby or child. Mostly because running the risk of then having a cranky intolerant miniature tyrant on one's hands is unappealing. So, don't wake a sleeping child within reason. It is my job to ensure that she sleeps at night so I have to wake her, gently, such that she'll be manageable for the rest of the evening.
This week has been on this "schedule":
Fiona & Porter party from 2-5 give or take.
I go upstairs to chase Porter out of her room several times, ask her to stay in bed & go back to sleep.
I doze on couch listening to Fiona singing & reading---where at least twice The Cat has hung out where I could see him, waiting for me to fall asleep completely then he returns to The Party. B*stard.
Eventually books drop loudly to the floor one at a time---then she sleeps until 9 or 10 am. Which I admit can be nice in a way, definitely throws off whatever plans I had though. I may not sleep again until that night, but Fiona has passed out on the floor twice this week.

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