Thursday, August 13, 2009


It gets warm here. Rarely I would call it hot, but most certainly warm. While this past Sunday started out warm, it ended up downright HOT. I finished my Half Iron Man distance triathlon in 7:47:47. Plenty of time under my 8 hour goal! I'm proud. 5430 Long Course Race Report

Gary & Fiona didn't make it to the race unfortunately. Apparently Fiona's nap schedule was obliterated for the day, quite possibly due to my super early mornin' snuggle pre-departure for my race. She passed out around noon & though Gary even banged up against her bed with the vacuum, she didn't budge. I don't blame him for not wanting to drag her out of bed, cranky, and sleepless to hang out in hot sun for what would've been hours. So, instead he cleaned house & made bleu cheese bacon burgers on sweet chili bread, with mesclun greens, pickles & olives. Ginger ale too boot, and French Pot small batch ice cream. It was lovely. Miss M did make the trip to Boulder & got to see me cross the finish line, it was really great having someone there I knew that I could chat with & celebrate with. Thank you, M!

This week has been recovery, the first time the notion of going back to the gym occurred to me at all last night. A good sign. I figure this afternoon will be easy strength train & lite cardio, maybe some yoga too, if I'm lucky.

Fiona has spent numerous days at the pool with Mercy & Jack, as have I when not picking up hours at the bike shop. She's becoming so confident on her bike that I will probably have to start riding with her instead of walking. Last week she rode a solid 2 miles from our house to the Brunner Farm House, only managing to frighten me once the whole ride. Yesterday I surprised her with a water bottle cage, mounted to her handlebars. Reminding her that she wanted to ride her bike was the only catalyst strong enough to rouse her from napping last afternoon. Trying to make Autumn plans for some travel, I hope some camping, too. We shall see, we shall see.

Yes, yes, she has a little laptop. It's sooner than I would've liked, reminds me of a Speak n' Read. The thing is acceptable for now, and a while to come I think. Screen time is still limited, as is TV, and everything else electronic. Now if only I could hold the same rule for myself! :)

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Trishie said...

CONGRATS ON THE HIM! way to go, rockstar!