Friday, May 2, 2008

First Fear, the Toddleated Bed, and Grandpa

THE VACUUM *dum-dum DAHHH* The Toddleator is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I've named it Clean Machine, talked about how great it is that Mr Clean Machine helps us keep the house clean, showed her how it picks up trash in her room, whistled, sung, and joked while vacuuming---all to no avail. As soon as the V-word is mentioned, Fiona pops up from what ever she's doing, bolts to her room and snuggles down into her quilt on her bed...there to stay until "all done" is sounded. When I have to stop to empty the belly of the beast, I hear a plaintive "Mommy? All done?" from her bed room, then I explain that I'm not quite done yet, give her a time frame, and continue. She's been very brave about saying 'HI' to Clean Machine, has even ventured to push the button to turn it on, but otherwise she is absolutely stayed in her bed the whole time that I (or The Man) vacuum.

Incidentally, her bed is now toddler-fied. Meaning I have made the switch to the toddler-bed version of the crib. Eventually it should convert all the way to a twin bed, that's only if we can download instructions and purchase bedrails online, as the, uh, less that satisfactory movers damaged screws and lost things. ANYWAY, I digress. Little One was more than curious about what I was doing to her bed, and offered her assistance such as it is. When the mini-reconstruction was complete, I saw the realization dawn on her face, and she joyfully climbed into her bed all by herself. She promptly invited a few buddies to have a pretend meal in bed with her. A couple of days ago I checked her at nap time and saw that Farmer MacDonald's tractor loaded with the animals must have needed a nap also, as they had found their way into bed. I made the ultimate decision to convert 'cause one day as I watched her, Toddleator looped one leg over the rail, with the other toe still on the mattress, as I proffered my hand, she reached out and easily flipped out of the crib. That was too easy, I thought. So, she graduates to toddler-bed...I'd rather she fall six inches than four feet. She's only fallen out of bed once so far, still asleep, half way on the floor, I put her back kissed her g'nite, and went back to sleep. So far, so good I think.

Grandpa came to visit middle of April, we had a great visit! Miss Toddleator really took to her Grandpa, she enjoyed walking in the park with Pop, checking out the trees and showing off her daredevil swing skills.

Sheesh I can't believe how busy April was for me! One week from tomorrow, we're in Utah, and I am racing Olympic distance Tri! Day after tomorrow, Toddleator is officially 2, with cake and balloons at the park, yay! Tomorrow I am 31, proud of it! I think I actually have a gray hair or two---though G might argue this observation. I'm excited, it's like a badge of honor I think :) Just as I was relieved to pass up the twenties, I think it's super to be in my early thirties, besides I like the threes. If anyone ever says they hate their birthday, just remind them, it's better than the alternative!

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