Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bedtime Stories

Fiona signs, a LOT. I'm really glad she can communicate, I'm happy to see her using signs to 'talk' about things she sees. It happens a several times a week that she'll see an animal of some sort and begin excitedly signing, pointing, and saying "Mama" over and over. Sometimes Gary & I are stumped, we have to really look to find the animal in question. At a diner on our way back from Texas (Freedom Cafe, Texline---great roadside diner experience, great food) Fiona sat in my lap until the food came. She signed 'horse' over and over and over, Gary couldn't find the quadruped in question, I looked...and looked. Ah-Ha, I spotted it, a ranch sign across the road silhouetting a cowboy herding cattle, a la back-lit sunset scene. Wow, talk about "I Spy".

Our first morning back home, Fiona woke up too early---too early for us. She might still be on Texas time somewhat. After my ever-groggy first diaper change of the day, I figure she can snuggle with us in the "big" bed for a while, maybe I can doze a little more. Alas, Miss Fiona awakes like an ignited rocket and continues on her random course until nap-time. No snoozing, at least not for Mamma (Gary's just lucky like that). She looked at me, said "Mahmmie" and signed 'eat'. You're hungry? Ok lets go get breakfast started.

Later that evening, it's Fiona's bedtime. After about 45 minutes, she's still awake, complaining loudly. I visit her and she signs 'eat'. Alright little one, you can sit with Papa & have a snack, as soon as you leave Papa's cozy spot on the couch you're going back to bed. She agreed and we sought out milk & cookies. When Fiona did eventually venture away from the couch upon finishing her snack, I stuck to my word and deposited her back in her crib. She was upset. Clinging to me and crying. I explained the situation again, time for sleeping, etc. She then signs 'eat' again, I replied (stifling a giggle) that she'd already eaten and it was time for sleeping. After appealing to Papa, who was witnessing this exchange, Fiona then signs 'diaper change' over and over. Gary checked her, she's only a little wet. Ok, so, changed her diaper without taking her out of the crib. More complaining, more than a few actual tears after we gave more kisses and left the room. Just amazes me, she's that bright already to attempt stalling her bedtime...sheesh, I may have created a monster! At nap time today, after lunch, Fiona tried the 'eat' sign again. And just now when I heard her cry, Gary went in to check her, and Miss Fiona give a slightly desperate 'diaper change' sign. Gary didn't fall for it though, he's not completely wrapped around her finger---yet.

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