Sunday, November 18, 2007

Firetrucks & Tri-run races

Last week we visited a fire house. Fiona was really into "driving" the truck when she got the chance, and was summarily disappointed when I had to pull her out for other kids to take a turn.
She's added a couple of words, sometimes indistinguishable from jibberish, but it's a comforting noise to hear in the background of the mundane daily things. It's like birdsong. When she's too quiet for too long I always go look in on her, if she's in her room, usually she's concentrating wholeheartedly on something or maybe just sitting look at books. One day last week, she was too quiet, I went to her room to discover she had fallen asleep on the floor! I guess I mistimed the nap that day.

I did a practice race today in the gym, just to check my progress, to see where I stand. I feel SO much better knowing that when race day comes I'll be completely prepared.
Tomorrow Gary & I are going to Monday Night Football, Titans @ Broncos! We found a highly qualified sitter that we are both comfortable with, and Fiona took a liking to immediately. So it'll be grown-up time, yay!
Then Tuesday, super-early, we are leaving for North Texas, supposed to make it in one day. We'll be trading off driving to break up the monotony, and I'm trying to make a mental list of everything Fiona might want or need for the 2 weeks we're staying with Gammie & Pop.
SO, if you're in the area, give us a holler! And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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downeyball77 said...

Yee! I'm happy to see you're training for a tri...I'm not brave enough to do that so I'm doing a half-marathon instead. Something about putting my body in the water or on a gadget with wheels and gears... I miss you. I feel like crying when I read your blogs & watch the videos and see the pics. So glad things are going well for you three!