Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stomping & Teeth

She has a marching stomp! Little baby-girl stomps when she's impatient or upset, or wants something. It dammed cute is what it is! "Fiona, do you want some milk?" stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp accompanied by some "uh-uh-uh" and maybe even the baby sign for milk. The signs are sporadic now, but she'll sign milk when she's drinking milk. Or Fiona will sign bath & sleep when I say "Ok, it's time to take a bath & go to bed. Are you tired Fiona?" It's been since February that we started out BabySigns classes the first time, it's really neat to see her start to use them. Since she's not started saying anything we can recognize yet(or my mommy-translator hasn't switched on yet) it's comforting to know she has a form or communication.

She cried for 2 hours solid last night. We couldn't leave her side, or she'd start again. In the midst of one of our attempts to get back to sleep, she must have been tumbling around in her bed somehow, I heard a wooden *smack* and the flat out panicked screaming started---different from plain old crying about pain and I-want-mom-or-dad cry. Gary grabbed the chilly-chewy from the fridge and Fiona chewed it so hard I thought it might pop. So we sat awake for about an hour, then Gary went to bed eventually I put her in her crib had to tell her over and over I wasn't going to pick her up again, once she was calm enough I went back to our bed, watched the monitor(the little tv monitors are totally worth the money). Fiona complained a little, then sat and soothed and sucked her thumb.
I'm tired today. I put some Arnica Flora gel on Fiona's bruised eyebrow, no wonder she screamed so. I think at some point in there too, she just got so worked up and she was so tired that nothing was going to help but time and cuddling. Sometime in there she still managed to be Fiona-cutie-boo...after Gary got the teether, she enjoyed it for a bit, then tried it as a bracelet and made a special fuss about uncovering her foot so she could test it as an anklet. Wow, 2am fussies, and still has that uncontrollable urge to play.

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